About Us

Our Mission Statement

Redline Control Design was formed to offer the most experienced and comprehensive EMS-BMS consulting services to the Supermarket, Refrigeration, Electrical and Building industries. The principal, Larry Herman, has over 45 years of refrigeration knowledge and 40 years of direct experience in the EMS field. Now he is offering that knowledge to help the designers, installers, value adders and end users with their work in the EMS & BMS industry.

A Personalized Approach

At Redline Design Control, we do not have a one-size fit solution. Our very name incorporates the various services that we offer. We can provide value to any point of the EMS-BMS program, and can tailor our services to suit your needs, from T&M work to fixed pricing on defined projects.

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Years in the Making

The principle, Larry Herman started fixing A/C units during his college days, and quickly graduated to repairing and installing supermarket refrigeration systems. He found that he was especially good at wiring and controls. In 1982 he took a job with a fledging EMS company from California, Margaux Controls, and quickly learned the EMS business. He eventually ran tech support for them, using Apple II computers to communicate remotely though 300 baud modems! He then started consulting for ACME markets which morphed into his own EMS and low voltage contracting company. In 2015 he started providing some consulting again. Times have changed, and so has Larry. He is now devoted to full-time consulting and remains on the cutting edge of new EMS technology. He has a holistic view of the process of designing and using controls to reduce energy and provide for better monitoring and remote diagnosis. Whether it’s the latest systems from Emerson and Danfoss, or legacy systems like Comtrol and EIL, Larry has experience with them all.