Redline Control Design Can Do!

We are here to help clients like yourself install, operate, and maintain their EMS and Refrigeration systems at maximum efficiency and as economically as possible. This is what we can do for you:

Redline Services:

  • Review and correct construction blueprints for adherence to design scope
  • Review and correct prints for proper integration of EMS based on hardware capability
  • Review MFG submittals for proper integration of EMS equipment

Control Services:

  • Review control strategies for the best operation of current equipment
  • Achieve greater efficiency through the implementation of improved strategies
  • Re-commission systems to restore original performance
  • Provide expertise for trouble-shooting difficult EMS and Refrigeration issues
  • Provide Project Management and Installation Supervision for Refrigeration and EMS

Design Services:

  • Set specifications for EMS and Mechanical design and integration
  • Create energy savings through the innovative application of hardware
  • “Build for Less” – Create new ways of providing controls at lower installed costs

Each client has their own needs, and we can tailor our services to provide what you require. Our services are offered either on a T&M basis or fixed pricing for defined projects. With over 40 years of experience in the Refrigeration and EMS fields, I can offer an unmatched level of experience and insight to help you with your EMS and Refrigeration program.